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Spray Deck Concrete Coating


Textured Overlay System

  • Rejuvenates old concrete
  • Slip-resistant surface
  • Economical cover-up
  • Easy to maintian
  • Variety of textures & finishes
  • 30 standard colors, custom colors available

Spray-deck is the cost effective and easy way to create a colorful, textured surface over unattractive or dull, structurally-sound concrete without the mess and expense of full removal. This spray-on overlayment is durable and easy to maintain an has the look of brand new concrete. With unlimited color choices, Spray-Deck will restore the look of areas such as pool decks, driveways, patios, lanais, walkways, entryways, and more. At 6000 psi, Spray-Deck is resistant to abrasion and perfect for high traffic areas where a decorative finish is desired.

Spray-Deck brings new life to dull or worn concrete. Color and interesting textures can be created on plain surfaces, either horizontal or vertical. The highly textured surface is slip-resistant and a sealed finish helps prevent staining. Easy to clean and maintain, it also stands up to cold winters as well as hot summer sun.